First of all, I want to thank Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff for her representation of House District 47 for the past 5 years. It was remarkable, and I am now very proud of her appointment to represent our national concerns. I speak for many of us when I say that she has left a large pair of shoes to step in to, and she will be sorely missed as our State Representative.

As a lifelong Coloradoan, I am ready and very willing to continue that tradition of service. I love my state. I am very sad to see what is happening to it with liberals and Democrats in Denver. I am ready to do something about it.

Several issues require common sense together with a strong understanding of the free market and how capitalism is a good thing in our growth.

  • Agriculture is a major part of our state identity. There must be a fair balance of water rights for both farmers and growing cities. Water is critical to the future of Colorado. We are also losing our producing land to urban sprawl and conservation easements. The education of the public must be continued to make certain they understand their food supply does not begin in Safeway, King Soopers, Whole Foods, etc.
  • Business regulation from our state and federal government inhibits the growth of a business, particularly small business with a smaller margin to work with. Jobs have left out state, many of which we will never get back. We also need to address the shortfalls in skilled blue collar workers who can and will stay in the smaller towns and rural areas if they can earn a living wage and raise their families. I have watched our community colleges cancel programs for good paying blue collar skills. We cannot allow that to happen.
  • Education is a constitutional right in Colorado but our educational system is a lifelong gift to our children. We should take our responsibility in this very seriously. We need to understand that college is not the future or the answer for every child. We must never let any child be discouraged because there does not look like as though he/she has a viable future. We owe those children more than and must equip them with the tools they will need. Critical and analytical thinking has been lost in our schools together with the history that is being rewritten. Colorado children no longer have to compete just in the United State. They have to compete globally. Colorado‚Äôs schools need to be more about teaching the children than making sure they can pass a test to make the school and teachers look good. I have been a substitute teacher and come from a long line of teachers. Education is of critical importance to me.

I am a lifelong Republican and believe strongly in the principles of that party. I believe in freedom for the American people to make their own choices, realizing that choices have consequences. I believe in small government, lower taxes, solid education and personal responsibility. My husband believes strongly in me and in my ability to take on this responsibility. With his encouragement and the encouragement of the rest of my family, I have taken the steps to make this House District 47 seat my full priority. I am not only ready to fill the vacancy, but I am also in this for the next election cycle and beyond. It all means changes in the life my husband and I are living, but we both believe Colorado and its residents deserve great representation.

With your support, we can ensure Colorado is as diversified in our prosperity as we are in its people.