DENVER—Today, the House unanimously passed legislation that will create a mechanism to allocate $30 million dollars Republicans secured for school security during the budget debate earlier in the session. Senate Bill 18-269, sponsored by House Minority Leader Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock), creates a school security disbursement program within the Department of Public Safety to review and disburse the funds to school districts throughout the state.

“Republicans made improving school security a top priority in the budget and I am grateful all of my colleagues supported this very important bill,” said Neville. “Improving physical site security such as training school resource officers, is a highly effective way to help protect students now, and I expect to continue looking for more ways to keep our kids safe in school.”

Representative Jim Wilson (R-Salida), whose amendment during the budget debate secured the funding for the bill, added:

“Having been involved in education for more than four decades, I wish we were putting every penny to helping students learn, but today, school security must be a top priority. This school security disbursement program is a testament to what the legislature can accomplish when we all focus on solutions.”

Site security is defined in the bill as measures such as: training for on-site school resource officers, staff training for threat assessment and emergency response, and improving surveillance and door locks. Additionally, the bill instructs the Department of Public Safety to give priority to districts that are willing to contribute matching funds for the amount requested.

Senate Bill 18-269 now heads to the governor and is expected to be signed into law.


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