DENVER—Tonight, nearly every House Democrat voted against legislation that would have allowed private sector employers to give preference to veterans seeking employment. Senate Bill 18-044, sponsored by Representative Lois Landgraf (R-Colorado Springs), passed the Senate 35-0, but was changed by several House Democrats into a mere employment study – a confusing move considering nearly every other state has adopted this permissive policy.

Republicans in both chambers attempted to return the bill to its original form, but Democrats rejected that change, effectively killing the legislation.

“What a disgraceful display of partisanship and contempt for the veterans community,” said Landgraf, who was recently recognized by the United Veterans Committee of Colorado for her advocacy. “Colorado is only one of a few states that have not yet given employers this protection, and I want every veteran to know that Democrats just don’t believe service members deserve employment help.

“I was particularly appalled to hear one of the Democrats claim offering veterans preference is a form of discrimination.”

The bill would have given private sector employers the same employment options as the state and federal government, which can currently offer preference to veterans seeking employment.