DENVER—Today, Democrats on the House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs listened to testimony about the high cost to society of allowing a city to shield individuals wanted by federal law enforcement, and still chose to support sanctuary city policies.

Senate Bill 18-220, sponsored by Representative Kim Ransom (R-Douglas County), would have, with voter approval, prohibited a city or municipality from restricting the exchange of information with federal law enforcement regarding the citizenship or immigration status of any individual.

“Today I heard the story about a three year old boy who lost his life after an illegal immigrant with 17 prior arrests ran a stop light while under the influence – this heartbreaking incident should never have happened had federal law enforcement known about his lengthy criminal history,” said Ransom. “This bill was not about illegal immigration, it was about allowing federal law enforcement to do their job to protect society, and it’s appalling that Democrats are willing to shield dangerous criminals from deportation!”

Senate Bill 18-220 would have asked Colorado voters to prohibit sanctuary policies in Colorado as a matter of state interest, and among other provisions, would have required an annual statement of compliance by municipalities with a population of 25,000 or more.

According the bill, the cost of incarcerating the 2,039 criminal illegal immigrants detained in Colorado in 2016 was over $75 million.