DENVER—Today, and for the second time this session, Democrats on the House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs killed two pro-2nd Amendment bills that still remain highly controversial in Colorado. Senate Bills 18-052 and 18-185, which would have repealed Colorado’s ban on high-capacity magazines and provided business owners the same rights to protect themselves as homeowners respectively, failed on party-lines in committee following near unanimous opposition from Democrats in the Senate.

“Year after year, Republicans carry bills to repeal the unenforceable magazine ban and strengthen the ‘Make my Day” law because we believe Coloradan’s should always have the right to protect themselves,” said Representative Lori Saine (R-Firestone), one of the House co-sponsors of Senate Bill 18-052. “I am a proud 2nd Amendment supporter and I want everyone else that stands for the Constitution to know Republicans will continue to fight for this fundamental right.”

Representative Shane Sandridge (R-Colorado Springs), a former police officer and the House cosponsor Senate Bill 18-185 added:

“The ‘Make My Day Law’ ensures a person can protect their home and their family against an armed intruder without facing prosecution, this bill simply sought to extend those legal protections to a business owner. As a former member of law enforcement, it’s deeply concerning that Democrats kill this common-sense public safety bill every year.”

Representative Steve Humphrey (R-Alt) was the other cosponsor of Senate Bill 18-052, and Representative Justin Everett (R-Littleton) was the other cosponsor of Senate Bill 18-185.