DENVER—Today, House Democrats passed, on party lines, an unconstitutional bill in favor of illegal immigrants. House Bill 18-1230 creates a new state program that will issue a person who came to the United States without legal documentation a “purple card” to only work in Colorado, even though no employer in the state could hire that person without defying federal laws.

“This bill is completely unconstitutional,” said Assistant Minority Leader Cole Wist (R-Centennial), who is has been an employment attorney for nearly 30 years. “The U.S. Supreme Court has clearly ruled that states cannot implement their own immigration laws, but just like with their support of sanctuary cities, Democrats trample the Constitution to make a statement.”

In addition to creating a state-sponsored work permit, House Bill 18-1230 requires the state to indemnify an employer for any penalties associated with non-compliance of federal employment laws and conceals a worker’s identity from law enforcement.

House Bill 18-1230 now heads to the Republican-controlled Senate.